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US Government Child Trafficking
Whistleblower Tara Rodas Exposes the Evil
July 25, 2023

Remi Adeleke
an ex Navy SEAL turned filmmaker and author
shares his real-life experiences of fighting traffickers and organ harvesting gangs, and the horrifying ways that traffickers acquire new victims ... who are often delivered directly by parents themselves.
July 24, 2023

Video - Child Trafficking brings in $154 Billion a year
June 23, 2023

Sound of Freedom - Theatrical Trailer for July 4

The Twelve Thousand
The true story of 13-year-old, Sona, who was taken from Nepal and sold into sex trafficking in India. The film features no professional actors, only Nepalese nationals - all of whom have been affected by sex trafficking.

Video - "The border INVASION is getting worse by the day" - Michael Yon
June 23, 2023



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