Stop Digital ID and Biodigital Convergence

"It doesn't matter how
smart you are
unless you stop and think."
~ Thomas Sowell

Government issued Digital ID (identification) is a centralised, government-managed identity verification system which draws from a range of information collected by government services, social media and corporate economic data.

Government issued Digital ID seeks to consolidate all the information that a government could possibly attain about private citizens into one database. It strives to place government at the centre of all of your transactions providing an opportunity to collect vast amounts of data about you.

These new "Digital Identity Systems" will likely begin as voluntary (and may even offer perks), but you should maintain a healthy dose of skepticism when a government issued Digital ID is offered to you. Why would you trust any institution with a complete profile of your life?

Information about you that may be stored and tracked include:

In truth what is being proposed may well represent the foundation of a Social Credit System with government collecting unprecedented amounts of personal information in exchange for access to services required for you to live in society.

What is to prevent the government changing its "voluntary policy" to a requirement due to a perceived "emergency" at any time in the future?

The Covid experience shows quite clearly how an "emergency" can be weaponised against human rights, fairness and due process. It is not difficult to envisage how such a system could be abused or gradually morph into something even more dangerous if this Digital Identity profile becomes required for every transaction.

If everyone has a government issued Digital ID, it would be a simple task to keep tabs on groups of people or even deny services to them based on, for example, vaccination status or political beliefs. The most authoritarian regimes in history could not have dreamed of having access to such vast amounts of information about their citizens.

The rationale for this new framework is proposed on the grounds of convenience and safety. It sounds a lot like code for liberty being sacrificed at the altar of convenience. It does not, however, seem convenient, necessary or helpful for you, if you desire less government intrusion into your life.

Why, after everything that you have been through over the past three and a half years, should you believe that this data will not be used against you, or that it will remain voluntary?

Equally, having all of your identifying private data in one location makes the system a prime target for hackers, whether they be foreign threats or cyber-criminals. If this system were compromised (which it almost certainly will be) the outcomes will be disastrous.

Having one all-encompassing Digital ID will allow any agency to "cancel" YOU with the click of a mouse.

We know that the concept of a centralised framework for Digital Identity is a significant hobby-horse of the unelected globalists of the World Economic Forum (WEF). Did you ever ask your local MP for a system allowing government to keep tabs on you? Parliament's efforts must always be geared towards serving the interests of its citizens - NOT those of unelected, unaccountable globalists such as the WEF, the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the European Union and the CEOs of multinational corporations (e.g. Blackrock, State Street, Vanguard, etc.).

Do NOT comply!
Say NO to Digital ID.

The term "Orwellian" speaks to a state of existence in which our actions are constantly monitored, where those who contradict the prevailing orthodoxy can be penalised, and in which personal liberty and independent thought are severely restricted.

Your digital future and that of your children and grandchildren are about to be played out in Parliament. It's time for you to have your say in relation to whether you want to be watched in every aspect of your life.

Adapted from:
Australian notes by Senator Alex Antic, June 25, 2022




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"The truth is like a lion;
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Let it loose;
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~ Saint Augustine
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