Take Action

any way you can!

"Those who have
the privilege to know
have the duty to act."
~ Albert Einstein
"Civil disobedience
becomes a sacred duty
when the state has become
lawless or corrupt.
And a citizen who
barters with such a state
shares in its
corruption and lawlessness."
~ Mahatma Gandhi
"Proclaim the truth
and do not be silent
through fear."
~ St. Catherine of Siena
The veil has been lifted.
We know that THEY LIED.

But, we don't want to sit back and watch it happen. We hope to give you the tools to reach out to your loved ones, friends and neighbours ... as well as the stranger on the street. Help them understand what is happening. Gently wake them up. In numbers, we have strength. And, with understanding, will come an ability to face the current reality that we live in.

Let's be pro-active
not re-active
Start by promoting the THEY LIED message. It's a kind, soft way to reach out to people. People will see our THEY LIED message and ask:

Who lied?
What did they lie about?
Why did they lie?

This is where the awakening begins.
Give them a card - ask them some questions about what they think is going on:

Are they happy?
Worried about the future?
Worried about their children?
Let them talk. And let them know they are not alone. Then ask them to check out TheyLied.ca so they can explore the menu tabs. There is a lot of great information on our website.

We must talk more - face to face. Deliver information directly to your family, friends, neighbours, acquaintances, etc. Show them the information they are not receiving from Main Stream Media. For example: Druthers Newspapers; National Citizens Inquiry Posters; our Business Cards; or something you create yourself.

We must get out into public spaces and talk with people. Sharing information via social media is not enough (and it only "preaches to the choir").

Talk to your neighbours, talk to strangers at the mall or at a sporting event. Talk to the person next to you while waiting in line at the store.

The best technique is to ask them simple, open-ended questions. Do NOT pepper them with facts, do NOT defend your point of view - this only serves to make them defensive and argumentative. Be exceptionally kind while approaching people - many of them are emotionally shattered.

Some examples might be:

Then be prepared to hand them a card, poster or slip of paper with www.TheyLied.ca on it.

Feel free to print our "Business Card" or Poster below, or design your own at home.


Get Talking!


Take Action!

"I ain't blind and I don't like
What I think I see
Takin' it to the streets
Takin' it to the streets"
~ The Doobie Brothers
Please do not:
  • damage private property;
  • vandalize any property;
  • do anything illegal;
  • put your life, or other peoples lives at risk;
  • engage with verbally abusive or aggressive people, walk away.
Below are some examples of how people are taking action ...
Direct Links to:

Use Cash

USE CASH! By using cash every day for your purchases you are making a huge statement to the banking industry and to businesses. Use cash as often as possible. Refuse to use the self-service checkouts and let the store clerks know this is to save their jobs. While waiting in a regular checkout line, give the store clerk (and people around you) a "twenty" (see below) that explains WHY you are using cash to fight DIGITAL ID. This may also help people understand that the banks and government will have total control over our finances if we allow them to go 100% digital.
What about cashless businesses? Go in and hand them a "twenty" and explain to them why you will boycott them until they accept cash. If it's a big box store or chain grocery store, think about filling up a cart, head to the check out and pay with cash - if they refuse your cash, walk out and let them put all that merchandise back on the shelves. You can keep a list of these stores to alert others to boycott them.

Distribute "twenties"

Get your twenties here

Business Cards

Click here to download the PDF of this business card.
Then send the file to a professional printer and order a box of cards.
Place them around town
(store shelves, malls, elevators, bus shelters, etc.)
or on driver's door.

Distribute Druthers

Canada's Most Loved,
Independent, People
Powered Newspaper!
Click here to visit www.Druthers.ca

Patriot Letter

Have you noticed Canadian flags on houses in your neighbourhood or while driving to work? Can you deliver a printed copy of our Patriot Letter (click here to open a PDF) to these fellow patriots? If so, you could include a card, sticker or invitation to a local rally if you like. Let's help the other lions help us raise public awareness!




Deliver to your neighbours, friends, family.
Hand out at the mall.
Post to bulletin boards or light poles.
Click here to download this poster
with yellow background
Click here to download this poster
with white background

eMail Your Member of Parliament


Click here to Email your MP and Senator

This page features a set of easy to use action emails that you can send to your lawmakers demanding the Canadian government cease all affiliations with globalist organizations and illegal actions against its people. Note that you can customize your message if you like or simply use the message they provide.
In this video,
Dr. Rima Laibow explains why
you MUST email your MPs and Senators
May 22, 2023
If you prefer to write your own personal letter, click here for advice on how to write an effective advocacy letter to an MP.

Mail Your Member of Parliament

Mail may be sent postage-free (no stamp) to any Member of Parliament at the following address:
[Name of Member of Parliament]
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6
Click here to find your MP.
Mail may be sent postage-free (no stamp) to any Senator at the following address:
[Name of Senator]
the Senate of Canada
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A4
Click here to find a Senator.
Click here for advice on how to write an effective advocacy letter to an MP.
Canada Post rules
for Government Mail
Free of Postage

Join www.CalledToAction.org

... is a free platform that communicates actions to volunteers using email, voicemail and/or text. Actions can include: rallies; convoys; candlelight vigils; petitions; letter writing efforts; social media campaigns - and all points in between.

Join Freedom Rising

Find support,
take action
and most importantly,
get involved!
Freedom Rising has a directory
of over 450 Canadian
and International allies.

Join Canada RISE

Directory of organizations
with information
and news alerts

Swag & Merch

While you are out and about, be sure to be sporting some swag:

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Click here to email us at contact@theylied.ca


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"The truth is like a lion;
you don't have to defend it.
Let it loose;
it will defend itself
~ Saint Augustine
(philosopher, theologian, and bishop)



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