"The lockdowners got what they wanted.
Their policy was implemented.
Their policy failed.
They're trying to blame
the failure of the lockdowns
on people like me,
who opposed what was implemented."
~ Dr. Scott Atlas

"Maybe their time should have been about telling the truth as they knew it? Explaining how to deal rationally with the coming virus? Helping people who are vulnerable protect themselves while explaining to everyone else that there is no point in panicking?
Instead, in the midst of the panic they both felt and then projected to the public, they urged and got lockdowns of the world's economy, a policy response never before attempted on this scale in response to a virus.
The virus did what the virus does, and all we are left with are the breathtaking results of the pandemic response: economic carnage, cultural destruction, an incredible paper trail of incompetence, fear, secrecy, plotting, and neglect of genuine health concerns."
~ Jeffrey A. Tucker

National Citizens Inquiry
Roundtable Discussion
How did mandates and lockdowns
affect our children?

Leigh Vossen, Irvin Studin, Ches Crosbie and Shawn Buckley
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Sep. 28, 2023

Scotland Holding Politicians
Accountable For Lockdowns
& Vaccine Mandates!
Aug. 7, 2023
The Scottish government is conducting an inquiry into the British nation's COVID response, and the latest report has been scathing. Scotland and President Nicola Sturgeon forced unproven and scientifically dubious lockdowns, mask mandates, vaccines and social distancing requirements on the Scottish public.

Twenty Grim Realities
Unearthed by Lockdowns
June 5, 2023

"This whole lockdown philosophy has fundamentally changed our civilization. It will come back over and over again unless we, as a society, decide that we do not want to live this way." ~ Dr. Jay Bhattacharya
Jay Bhattacharya, MD 3:43:12 - 5:07:11
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Expert Witness - Professor at Stanford University
Exhibit: WI-8-Bhattacharya-Missouri v. Biden ECF 212-3 Proposed Finding of Fact
Exhibit: WI-8a-Bhattacharya-Great Barrington Declaration
Exhibit: WI-8b-Bhattacharya-CV-Apr2022
Exhibit: WI-8c-Bhattacharya-Expert Report_Dr Bhattacharya_Alberta Clean-jb
Exhibit: WI-8d-Bhattacharya-Reply Document-Alberta v2-1
Exhibit: WI-8e-Bhattacharya-QUESTIONS FOR A COVID-19 COMMISSION by the Norfolk Group v2
Dr. Jay Bhattacharya is one of the authors of the Great Barrington Declaration, and his primary research focuses on the economics of health care. He gave an excellent presentation, which included studies of lockdown effects on children and excess deaths in Canada. Jay Bhattacharya is a Professor of Medicine at Stanford University (California). He is a research associate at the National Bureau of Economics Research, a senior fellow at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, and at the Stanford Freeman Spogli Institute. He holds courtesy appointments as Professor in Economics and in Health Research and Policy. He directs the Stanford Center on the Demography of Health and Aging. Dr. Bhattacharya's research focuses on the economics of health care around the world with a particular emphasis on the health and well-being of vulnerable populations. Dr. Bhattacharya's peer-reviewed research has been published in economics, statistics, legal, medical, public health, and health policy journals. He holds an MD and PhD in economics from Stanford University.

Kelcy Travis 9:57:07 - 10:07:35
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Lay Witness
The effects of lockdown and mandates psychologically and financially.

Samantha Lamb 7:35:40 - 7:50:22
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Lay Witness
Due to lockdowns and mandates, her spinal surgery was delayed over 2 years and physiotherapy severely restricted.

David Redman 1:22:06 - 3:07:50 (continued at ) 10:38:40 - 11:05:25
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Expert Witness - Expert in Emergency Management
Exhibit: RE-2b-Redman-Due Diligence-Canadian Charter vs Lockdowns – Final-June 4 2021
Exhibit: RE-2c-Redman-Surrebuttal of David Redman-99292-001-EXR-2021-08-05
Exhibit: RE-2d-Redman-2023-04-27 Canada’s Deadly Response to COVID-19
Exhibit: RE-2e-Redman-1. Canada’s Deadly Response to COVID-19-July 1, 2021 w_Links
Exhibit: RE-2f-Redman-Expert Report of David Redman 2021-02-21_173418
An excellent presentation of the Emergency Plans were already in place and comparing them to what the government actually did.

Douglas Allen 7:11:07 - 8:22:45
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Lay Witness - Professor of Economics
Exhibit: VA-9-Allen-CovidFactsNC
A presentation revolving around a risk/benefit analysis of the lockdown measures implemented.

Denis Rancourt 10:13:00 - 11:24:30
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Click here to watch THIS testimony (translated to English).
Expert Witness - Physicist/Researcher
Exhibit: QU-1a -Rancourt-CV 2023-02-v8-health-cor
Scientist and researcher Denis Rancourt presents a detailed analysis of the causes behind excess deaths during the Covid-19 pandemic. He discusses the various factors that contribute to excess mortality, including the effects of lockdowns, the overdiagnosis of Covid-19 cases, and the misuse of respiratory equipment. Through his research, Rancourt sheds light on the complex nature of the pandemic and offers valuable insights into the most effective ways to manage it.

Lynette Tremblay 3:08:39 - 3:29:45
Click here to watch THIS testimony (en francais).
Click here to watch THIS testimony (translated to English).
Lay Witness
In this emotional testimony, Lynette Tremblay talks about her experience with her father who was in a long term care facility during the lockdowns. She expresses her concerns about the lack of treatment and care her father received, and how it ultimately led to his passing. Her testimony sheds light on the impact of the lockdowns on the most vulnerable members of society and raises important questions about the ethics of such measures.

Caroline Hennig 4:22:00 - 4:40:05
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Lay Witness
Discusses how the mandates and lockdowns affected her father who was fighting cancer and which eventually led to him calling for MAID.

Dean Beaudry 7:35:40 (sound starts at 7:35:52) -8:47:20
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Expert Witness - Risk Management Specialist
Exhibit: RE-5-Beaudry-Presentation re NCI Red Deer-Final
With his extensive background in risk management, he presented a risk analysis of covid in comparison to the policies and mandates issued.
Colin Murphy 8:47:41 - 9:13:18
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Lay Witness - Produces large scale sporting events and music festivals
Lockdowns and mandates severely impacted his business both then and for the foreseeable future.

Tracy Walker 6:58:36 - 7:13:15
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Lay Witness - hairstylist
Being self employed, when lockdowns were enforced she lost all income and husband lost his for several months. Their house was foreclosed on and she was forced to limit her insulin intake as they had no money.

Sunje Peterson 6:40:05 - 6:58:30
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Lay Witness - owner of resort business
How lockdowns and mandates affected her business and inability to visit family overseas.

Michele Tournier 10:15:50 - 10:37:52
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Lay Witness
Family business is in chuckwagon racing and lockdowns impacted income. Also discussed experience of sister-in-law in hospital and how lockdowns affected children and her experiences at rallies.

Bryan Baraniski 10:10:05 -10:34:03
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Lay Witness - Hotel/Resort owner on Tilbin Lake
Early on in the pandemic, Bryan Baraniski was outspoken about the mandates and lockdowns. He tells of when he got covid and nearly died. Doctors told him it would take months in hospital for his lung function to return to normal. He got better after receiving herbal medicine smuggled in by his ex-wife. His resort received thousands of dollars in fines and was designated as a covid outbreak area. During a three day period, the resort property was left unattended because nobody was allowed in. He believes this was a dangerous and irrational request from the health officer. It left the property with boilers and equipment that may have caused a fire. The judge did not dismiss his fines but did, however, lower the amount.

Don Woodstock 9:06:05 - 9:19:52
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Lay Witness - Owner of security company
Don Woodstock describes how busy things got and the changes in customer calls. Their unusual requests and questions they asked during covid lockdowns. He believes the fear hyped by the media made people think twice about their security system. They were sincerely afraid of neighbours, dogs and strangers. He describes some of those incidents and other challenges he faced during the pandemic.

Catarina Burguete 3:17:42 - 3:34:58
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Lay Witness - retired healthcare provider, business owner
Effects of lockdowns and social isolation on her children. To help out during the pandemic, Catarina went back to work in Healthcare, and her husband manufactured sanitizer. She describes the effects on her family who were treated poorly because they were unvaxxed. She joined an underground network of like-minded people who gave her a sense of belonging, and some have even become her best friends.

Tamara Ugolini 5:37:41 - 5:59:05
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Lay Witness - Journalist
Business endeavour destroyed by lockdowns, financial stress and uncertain future. Tamara Ugolini, a journalist with Rebel News, describes her personal experience during lockdowns and the loss of her family business. She recounts the day of her arrest at the beach when she was with her children and the effects it had on them. Tamara wants answers to why so much government overreach and tyranny were allowed in Canada.

Paula Doiron 5:47:50 - 6:18:02
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Lay Witness - Custodian at a retirement residence
Exhibit: TR-0006a-Doiron-Gene Analysis
Exhibit: TR-0006b-Doiron-MRI
Exhibit: TR-0006-Doiron-Flu Shot
Vaccine Injury. Paula Doiron describes the effects of the lockdowns, the segregation of residents and the suffering from her vaccine injuries.

Peter Van Caulart 1:19:46 - 1:46:12
Click here to watch THIS testimony.
Lay Witness - Business Owner
Exhibit: TR-0009a-Caulart-Students in Water Lab
Exhibit: TR-0009b-Caulart-Adele Van Caulart
Exhibit: TR-0009-Caulart- Image with Students
Exhibit: TR-0009c-Caulart-Last time Adele seen Alive by Peter
Exhibit: TR-0009d-Caulart-Mask Labeling
Emotional testimony of a son separated from elderly mother. Loss of income due to lockdown mandates. Peter Van Caulart is an ex-pilot and business owner who trained in Water Treatment and Wastewater Treatment and Management. The training included physical, chemical, and biological sciences before the exam for licensing. He describes his ordeal with the lockdowns and his mother's sudden passing.

Darrell Shelley 0:32:20 - 0:55:52
Click here to watch THIS testimony.
Lay Witness - Business owner and entrepreneur
Loss of business income due to lockdown mandates. Darrell was unable to see his mother before she passed away because of Newfoundland's restrictive covid policies.



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