Mainstream Media

"The press is so powerful
in its image-making role,
it can make the criminal
look like he's the victim
and make the victim
look like he's the criminal.
This is the press,
an irresponsible press.
It will make the criminal
look like he's the victim
and make the victim
look like he's the criminal.
If you aren't careful,
the newspapers will have
you hating the people
who are being oppressed
and loving the people
who are doing the oppressing."
~ Malcolm X
Also known as:
Legacy Media;
Dinosaur Media;
Corporate Media.
People are seeing how corruption has infested every area of society: governments, news media, healthcare, education, elections, and so on. Scientists, physicians, attorneys, detectives, journalists, investigators, etc. are spreading eye-opening truth to the rest of the world. It is time to put an end to Globalist corruption.



Did the media promote fear, hate & division?



According to the report "Media and Internet Concentration in Canada, 1984–2021", In 2021 "... the top four firms - CBC, Bell, Corus and Rogers - accounted for 88% of broadcast television revenue".
"... the CBC has maintained its position as the largest service provider in this sector, aided by the increase in Parliamentary funding in 2016. In 2021, the public broadcaster’s share of the $2.5 billion broadcast television industry, based on revenue, was 42%."
"The "big 5" TV operators took 74.3% of all TV revenue (including online video services) last year: Bell; Netflix; the CBC; Rogers; and Shaw (Corus)".
"The top six Canadian companies - Bell, TELUS, Rogers, Shaw, Quebecor and the CBC - accounted for 69% of network media economy revenue last year."
"Bell is the biggest communications, Internet and media conglomerate in Canada, with $23.6 billion in revenue last year, an amount equal to a one-quarter share of the network media economy."
"... critics see media, Internet, wealth, and corporate concentration as being corrosive forces in society and a threat to democracy."
"Google and Facebook dominate online advertising with a combined market share just shy of 80%"
Why do 2 organization own 80% of the media (with image)
global trusted news initiative

Russell Brand discusses censorship,
the Trusted News Initiative and
the unelected globalists
attempting to rule the world
Sep. 22, 2023
"When we lose sight of the truth,
we can no longer see a lie,
or distinguish right from wrong.
It seems that at least 50%
of the nation prefer the lie,
the truth is just too brutal.
Just stick your head in the sand
and hope for the best.
I heard it said once,
'anything left to chance,
doesn't have a chance.' "
~ Kevin (yakityyak), Mar. 6, 2023

Were we all manipulated?

Jason Christoff explains
Mind Control and
Ephemeral Experiences
in movies and TV programs
Dec. 23, 2023
Jason Christoff educates us on the various techniques of Mind Control and how you can protect yourself. Our subconscious mind works at a remarkably fast speed compared to our conscious mind, according to Jason Christoff. Learn how movies, commercials, TV news and other visual media use this against us.

Who are "they"?:



The "mainstream media" Lied:

  • deceived;
  • fibbed;
  • manipulated;
  • misinformed;
  • misled;
  • misreported;
  • misrepresented;
  • misstated;
  • omitted.
"The Organization for Economic
Cooperation and Development
(OECD) defines a society as
cohesive if "it works towards
the well-being of all its members,
fights exclusion and
creates a sense of belonging,
promotes trust,
and offers its members
the opportunity of
upward social mobility."
~ Geoff Norquay, Nov. 30, 2022

Let's Discover the Truth ...


How the BBC unified mainstream media
to silence dissent during COVID
with the TNI (Trusted News Initiative)
and the pending lawsuit between
the TNI and RFK Jr. (presidential candidate).
July 16, 2023

Article & Video
from Saturday Night Live
Mar. 14, 1998

"We Censored TRUE Covid Information"
Zuckerberg's GAME-CHANGING Admission
June 16, 2023


David Freiheit 9:29:17 - 10:18:10
Click here to watch THIS testimony.
Expert Witness - Lawyer / Producer of 'Viva Frei' podcast
Discusses the role of legacy media in portraying the Truckers Convoy and his experiences at that same event in Ottawa.

Canadians' trust in the news media hits a new low

Canadians' trust in the news media hits a new low
June 14, 2022

Millions of Canadians Lack Trust in Government

Millions of Canadians Lack Trust in Government
and News Media
June 8, 2022

Americans' Trust in Media Dips to Second Lowest on Record

Americans' Trust in Media Dips
to Second Lowest on Record
Oct. 7, 2021

Americans' trust in government near historic lows

Click here for larger image.

Americans' trust in government near historic lows
June 6, 2022


Lee Harding 10:22:55 - 10:46:53
Click here to watch THIS testimony.
Lay Witness - Journalist
His experiences as a journalist for alternative media.

Jean-Philippe Chabot 6:44:50 - 7:28:10
Click here to watch THIS testimony.
Lay Witness - former CBC employee
He lost his job as he wouldn't disclose his vaccine status. He was working remotely and felt that he was within his rights to keep his medical information private. He discusses what he experienced in trying to get help from his union and his interactions with CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).

Stephane Hamel 5:34:53 - 6:16:50
Click here to watch THIS testimony (en francais).
Click here to watch THIS testimony (translated to English).
Lay Witness
Stephane Hamel, a computer engineer and former political candidate for the CAQ (Coalition Avenir Quebec), shares his perspective on the pandemic narrative and its impact on his life. He talks about how expressing his views on the pandemic caused him to lose his position with the CAQ, and how he saw firsthand the effects of the pandemic measures on the elderly while volunteering in long-term care facilities. This testimony sheds light on the personal and political consequences of questioning the mainstream narrative around COVID-19.

Christian Leray 11:25:32 - 12:14:15
Click here to watch THIS testimony (en francais).
Lay Witness - Author and Media Specialist
Christian Leray, author and media specialist, expresses his concerns about the lack of transparency of Quebec authorities regarding information on illnesses and deaths related to COVID-19. Leray stresses the importance of truthful and accurate information to help people make informed decisions, and says governments and the media should not manipulate data to instill fear in the population. He encourages viewers to remain vigilant and demand transparency from their leaders to protect their health and rights.

Jeff Sandes 8:19:25 - 9:05:55
Click here to watch THIS testimony.
Expert Witness - Free lance journalist for Epoch Times
Discusses the changes that have occurred in how journalism is undertaken and the factors that influences the news that is 'accepted'.

Angela Tabak 7:19:48 - 7:34:12
Click here to watch THIS testimony.
Lay Witness - small business owner
Her son had suffered a severe brain injury from an accident which affected his mental capabilities. The constant media fear messaging greatly affected his mental well being and he committed suicide.

Former Global News director, Anita Krishna,
speaks out about COVID-19 narrative.
She says she noticed a huge shift
in the outlet's journalistic standards
starting in 2020.
Feb. 22, 2022

CBC reporter, Marianne Klowak, resigns,
says public broadcaster losing journalistic principles.
Jul. 13, 2022

Tara Henley
claims that working at CBC
required her to "abandon journalistic integrity."
Jan. 5, 2022

Rodney Palmer, ex-CBC journalist,
testifies that broadcaster did propaganda,
not newsgathering.
Apr. 6, 2023

Audio podcast
Trish Wood talks with Marianne Klowak
after her fruitless struggle to report stories
she thought important at the CBC.
Jul. 1, 2022

Anita Krishna,
a former Global News director,
was fired Jan. 18, 2022
for speaking up about Covid and
trying to bring truth to the news.

Cathy Jones 3:10:20 - 3:33:30
Click here to watch THIS testimony.
Lay Witness - Actress/comedian
Describes her experiences in the work environment, retiring early from CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), her views on media censorship and lack of investigative journalism during the last three years and her thoughts on activism.

Michael Welch 9:16:33 - 9:45:35
Click here to watch THIS testimony.
Lay witness - Radio Journalist
Exhibit: WI-6-Welch-Letter to CJSF Radio
Exhibit: WI-6a-Welch-Radio Show Linked to COVID-19 Conspiracy Website Temporarily Suspended Vancouver Sun
Michael Welch is a syndicated radio station show host. In its 11 years on air, the radio show had received awards and amassed a huge following. The guests ranged from doctors, scientists, politicians, and influencers. However, when the pandemic came along, questions about the covid vaccine were hands-off. He says that soon after trying to arrange a debate on covid with qualified doctors, his radio show was shut down and remains so to this day.

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The following "news" agencies are members of the Globalist Agenda




Article - The Trusted News Initiative is a partnership, founded in July 2019 by the BBC, that includes organisations from around the globe including: AP; AFP; BBC; CBC/Radio-Canada; European Broadcasting Union (EBU); Financial Times; Information Futures Lab; Google/YouTube; The Hindu; The Nation Media Group; Meta; Microsoft; Thomson Reuters; Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism; Twitter; The Washington Post; Kompas - Indonesia; Dawn - Pakistan; Indian Express; NDTV - India; ABC - Australia; SBS - Australia; NHK - Japan.

Sam Biddle of The Intercept (Dec. 2, 2022) explains TrustLab in his article CIA venture capital arm partners with ex-Googler's startup to "Safeguard the internet". Trust Lab, founded by a former Google exec for content moderation, will identify "online harmful content, including toxicity and misinformation." Trust Lab was founded by a team of well-credentialed Big Tech alumni who came together in 2021 with a mission: Make online content moderation more transparent, accountable, and trustworthy. A year later, the company announced a "strategic partnership" with the CIA's venture capital firm, In-Q-Tel. Trust Lab's basic pitch is simple: Platforms like Facebook and YouTube cannot make effective decisions about what speech to delete and that responsibility ought to be turned over to completely independent outside firms - firms like Trust Lab. In a June 2021 blog post, Trust Lab co-founder Tom Siegel described content moderation as "the Big Problem that Big Tech cannot solve." Trust Lab's murky partnership with In-Q-Tel suggests a step toward greater governmental oversight of online speech.

Article - The Trust

Article - National NewsMedia Council includes these organisations;




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"The truth is like a lion;
you don't have to defend it.
Let it loose;
it will defend itself
~ Saint Augustine
(philosopher, theologian, and bishop)



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