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"I disapprove of what you say,
but I will
defend to the death
your right to say it."
~ Evelyn Beatrice Hall
"When we meet a fact which contradicts a prevailing theory, we must accept the fact and abandon the theory, even when the theory is supported by great names and generally accepted."
~ Claude Bernard

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Substack Authors:

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Alexander COVID News
by Dr. Paul Elias Alexander
Bailiwick News
by Katherine Watt
Behind the FDA Curtain: War Room/DailyClout Pfizer Reports
by Amy Kelly
The Canadian Independent
by The Canadian Independent
Courageous Discourse with Dr. Peter McCullough & John Leake
by Peter McCullough, MD
COVID Chronicles
by Dr. Byram W. Bridle
COVID Intel - by Dr.William Makis
by Dr. William Makis MD
Dr Sam Bailey
by Dr Sam Bailey
Dr. Simon
by Dr. Simon Goddek
Due Diligence and Art
by Sasha Latypova
by Eccentrik
Freedom In Truth
by Freedom In Truth
Igor's Newsletter
by Igor Chudov
In G-d's Army There's Only Truth
by Brucha Weisberger
Investigate Everything with Brian O'Shea
by Brian O'Shea
James Roguski
by James Roguski
Julius Ruechel
by Julius Ruechel
Just Think: The Podcast
by Just Think: The Podcast
Malwords Weekly
by Harvey Oxenhorn
Mattias Desmet
by Mattias Desmet
Meryl's COVID Newsletter
by Meryl Nass
The Naked Emperor's Newsletter
by NE -
Outspoken with Dr Naomi Wolf
by Dr. Naomi Wolf
Peter and Ginger Breggin Exposing the Global Predators
by Dr. Peter and Ginger Breggin
Phillip.Altman's Substack
by Phillip Altman
Pierre Kory's Medical Musings
by Pierre Kory, MD, MPA
Steve Kirsch's Newsletter
by Steve Kirsch
Unacceptable Jessica
by Jessica Rose
Vigilant News
by The Vigilant Fox
Where are the numbers?
by Norman Fenton and Martin Neil
World Council for Health
by World Council for Health
Coffee & Covid 2023
by Jeff Childers




Video Media





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Rumble - VaccineSafetyResearchFoundation
Rumble - CanadianCovidCareAlliance
Rumble - EpochTV
Rumble - TheCanadianIndependent
Rumble - LibertyCoalitionCanada
Rumble - WesternStandard
Rumble - Redacted
Rumble - TheGatewayPundit
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Rumble - JordanBPeterson
Rumble - Action4Canada
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Rumble - BlazeTV
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Rumble - Children's Health Defense Canada
Rumble - The Fifth Doctor - Dr. Sam Dube
Rumble - Truth in Media
Rumble - The Canadian Political POWERSHIFT
Rumble - Right2Freedom
Rumble - Humanity Is Under Attack
Rumble - The Canadian Story
Rumble - Free to Fly Canada
Rumble - Doctors For Covid Ethics
Rumble - The Saving Canada Podcast
Rumble - Free You Mind Documentaries
Rumble - Maverick News: Freedom Reporters
Rumble - Conspiracy Realities - Agenda 2030
Rumble - Morgan May 4 Freedom
Rumble - Mama Bear Talk
Rumble - TheTrueFActsC19
Rumble - Sensus Fidelium
Rumble - A Warrior Calls
Rumble - Biological Medicine
Rumble - Hugo Talks
Rumble - The Charlie Ward Show
Rumble - Reese Report
Rumble - CallForAnUprising
Rumble - CDMedia
Rumble - CharlieKirk
Rumble - DailyCaller
Rumble - DCEnquirer
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Rumble - DrSHIVA
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Rumble - PoliceOnGuard
Rumble - QuiteFrankly
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Rumble - RonPaulLibertyReport
Rumble - RSBN
Rumble - RubinReport
Rumble - SGTReport
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Rumble - Styxhexenhammer666
Rumble - SunfellowCovid19
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Rumble - Ickonic
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Rumble - TheWarAgainstYou
Rumble - ThoughtCrime
Rumble - tonyheller
Rumble - TrueNorthCentre
Rumble - prof anthony hall on canadas truckers movement and political prisoners
Rumble - a story a challenge to declare your courage
Rumble - canada the indoctrination nation tanya gaw excerpt
Rumble - land grabs and 15 minute cities
Rumble - people are upset about 15 minute cities
Rumble - oxford protests 15 minute city
Rumble - watch the best explanation of 15 minute cities youve ever seen
Rumble - usa in south florida the concept of a 15 minute city is advertised on telev
Rumble - jfk warns of death wish for the world
Rumble - freedom 2 you
Rumble - rumble makes rogan offer sleepy putin victory w freedom convoy covid pan



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"The truth is like a lion;
you don't have to defend it.
Let it loose;
it will defend itself
~ Saint Augustine
(philosopher, theologian, and bishop)



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