Code of Conduct while in Public Spaces


Peaceful and respectful protests are more likely to garner public support and create positive change. Do not respond in any manner to a counter-protester. Do not speak to them, do not acknowledge them, if they are targeting you walk away from them towards a police officer, and if they follow you, call out to the police for assistance.


Peaceful Assembly: Encourage peaceful and non-violent participation. Maintain a peaceful atmosphere throughout the protest.

Respectful Behavior: Treat all individuals, including law enforcement and counter-protesters, with respect and courtesy.

Follow Local Laws: Familiarize yourself with local laws and regulations regarding protests and abide by them.

Stay Informed: Be well-informed about the issues you are protesting and share accurate information with others.

Dress Appropriately: Dress comfortably for the weather and the event. Wear clothing or symbols that represent the cause.

Carry Signs and Banners: Create signs and banners that convey your message clearly and peacefully. Signs or banners should be aligned with your mission.

Chant and Sing: Use chants, songs, and slogans to convey your message positively and energetically.


Violence: Absolutely no violence or physical aggression. This includes throwing objects or engaging in confrontations.

Hate Speech: Avoid using hate speech, aggressive, offensive or discriminatory language. Promote inclusivity and tolerance.

Vandalism: Do not damage property, public or private, during the protest. Respect the surroundings.

Obstruction: Avoid blocking roads or impeding the movement of others. Ensure safety for all participants and bystanders.

Engage in Legal Activities: Do not engage in any illegal activities, including looting or destruction of property.

Provocation: Refrain from provoking or escalating conflicts with counter-protesters or law enforcement.

Alcohol or Drugs: Do not consume alcohol or drugs during the protest.

Litter Responsibility: Please dispose of any trash or waste in designated receptacles. Keep the protest area clean and be environmentally responsible.




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