"Things come apart so easily
when they have been
held together with lies."
~ Dorothy Allison
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"Polio is a disease purportedly caused by the polio virus; however approximately 95% of people who are exposed to the virus will have no clinical symptoms of illness. In less than 1% of cases, polio infects the central nervous system and paralyzes the muscles needed for breathing and swallowing. Full recovery usually occurs within 10 days. The last case of wild poliomyelitis acquired in the US occurred in 1979. All recent cases have been caused by the oral polio vaccine. The IPV vaccine does not prevent infection or transmission."
Vaccine Choice Canada - Polio.

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by Forrest Maready
The Moth in the Iron Lung: A Biography of Polio
Published June 5, 2018
"A fascinating account of the world's most famous disease - polio - told as you have never heard it before. Epidemics of paralysis began to rage in the early 1900s, seemingly out of nowhere. Doctors, parents, and health officials were at a loss to explain why this formerly unheard of disease began paralyzing so many children - usually starting in their legs, sometimes moving up through their abdomen and arms. For an unfortunate few, it could paralyze the muscles that allowed them to breathe. Why did this disease start to become such a horrible problem during the late 1800s? Why did it affect children more often than adults? Why was it originally called teething paralysis by mothers and their doctors? Why were animals so often paralyzed during the early epidemics when it was later discovered most animals could not become infected? The Moth in the Iron Lung is a fascinating biography of this horrible paralytic disease, where it came from, and why it disappeared in the 1950s. If you've never explored the polio story beyond the tales of crippled children and iron lungs, this book will be sure to surprise."
Listen to Forrest Maready discuss this book with Dr. Bret Weinstein, Apr. 20, 2024, or watch on Youtube here. It is a fascinating conversation with a number of relevant tangents.
Spoiler alert - it turns out that the evidence shows that the symptoms of polio were caused by pesticides - Lead Arsenate in the 1800s (to control the Gypsy Moth) and then DDT in the 20th century.

Dr. Suzanne Humphries
discusses Polio
Mar. 29, 2024
"Internist & Board-Certified Nephrologist, Suzanne Humphries, MD, shares details on the 10th Anniversary Edition of the groundbreaking book she co-authored, Dissolving Illusions, and how the vaccine safety space has changed in a post-COVID world where doctors are speaking out in droves over the controversial topic of vaccine injury."

Disease Information Statement
Physicians for Informed Consent

Vaccine Risk Statement
Physicians for Informed Consent

The Bill Gates-funded
polio Vaccine is
linked to Polio Outbreaks
May 16, 2023

Polio in Cattle can be
Caused by Sulfur Toxicity
"Polioencephalomalacia (PEM) was first reported in 1956 and was described as a neurologic disorder of cattle characterized by blindness, ataxia, recumbancy and seizures. The micropathologic description was a laminar cortical necrosis. This description of PEM is still accurate 50 years later, but several additional causes have been identified."

The tainted polio vaccine
that sickened and
fatally paralyzed children
in 1955
Apr. 14, 2020
"Starting on the evening of April 12, 1955, batches of the Salk vaccine made by five drug firms were shipped out in boxes marked "POLIO VACCINE: RUSH." About 165,000 doses of Cutter's went out. Within weeks, reports of mysterious polio infections started coming in. Years later, in a suit brought against Cutter, the firm was found not negligent in making its vaccine because it had done its best making a new drug that was complicated to produce. But it was found financially liable for the calamity it had caused during that spring of 1955."

DDT is still with us
50 years since it was banned
May 31, 2022
"... midcentury farmers coated their fields and orchards and even livestock in astonishing quantities of DDT. The pesticide was injected into walls and wallpaper, mattresses and clothing. Housewives used DDT to wipe out annoying pests, dousing their own pets with the stuff to kill fleas. A few rumblings of concern arose: cows across the country dying en masse due to a mysterious 'X disease'; humans (including Bing Crosby and Errol Flynn) being diagnosed with 'virus X' after suffering joint pain, muscle weakness, fatigue, and severe headaches."

When Texas sprayed DDT
on citizens to prevent Polio
Dec. 12, 2022
"In 1970, U.S. President Richard Nixon responded to the outcry that "Silent Spring" unleashed by forming the Environmental Protection Agency which, in turn, banned the use of a dozen chemicals in the US. One of them was DDT. There's a public health exception to the US ban on DDT, where the government can use it to stop the spread of insect-borne disease."

by Elena Conis (A
How to Sell a Poison: The Rise, Fall, and Toxic Return of DDT
Published Apr. 12, 2022
"The story of an infamous poison that left toxic bodies and decimated wildlife in its wake is also a cautionary tale about how corporations stoke the flames of science denialism for profit.
The chemical compound DDT first earned fame during World War II by wiping out insects that caused disease and boosting Allied forces to victory. Americans granted it a hero's homecoming, spraying it on everything from crops and livestock to cupboards and curtains. Then, in 1972, it was banned in the US. But decades after that, a cry arose to demand its return.
This is the sweeping narrative of generations of Americans who struggled to make sense of the notorious chemical's risks and benefits. Historian Elena Conis follows DDT from postwar farms, factories, and suburban enclaves to the floors of Congress and tony social clubs, where industry barons met with Madison Avenue brain trusts to figure out how to sell the idea that a little poison in our food and bodies was nothing to worry about.
In an age of spreading misinformation on issues including pesticides, vaccines, and climate change, Conis shows that we need new ways of communicating about science - as a constantly evolving discipline, not an immutable collection of facts - before it's too late."

by Rachel Carson
Silent Spring
Published 1962
"Rarely does a single book alter the course of history, but Rachel Carson's Silent Spring did exactly that. The outcry that followed its publication in 1962 forced the banning of DDT and spurred revolutionary changes in the laws affecting our air, land, and water. Carson's passionate concern for the future of our planet reverberated powerfully throughout the world. As Carson reminds us, "In nature, nothing exists alone."
"Wonder and humility are just some of the gifts of Silent Spring. They remind us that we, like all other living creatures, are part of the vast ecosystems of the earth ... this is a book to relish: not for the dark side of human nature, but for the promise of life's possibility." - from the Introduction"

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