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Irvin Studin 6:47:53 - 7:34:55
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Expert Witness - Expert in Constitutional Law (PhD)
The short and long term consequences of school closures on children of all ages and their futures. Ervin Studin is a professor from Ontario and a dedicated children's education advocate. He gives a riveting testimony of the harms perpetuated on our Canadian children with school closures. He presents studies conducted in other countries and compares them with Ontario. He believes the government needs to take action immediately and find solutions where kids can get caught up. What happened is irreversible, but finding solutions and guaranteeing this never happens again are the best steps forward.

Leigh Vossen 2:47:53 - 3:17:40
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Lay Witness - Founder of SAM (Students Against Mandates)
Unable to complete university courses due to vaccine mandates. Created SAM (Students Against Mandates) to help other students across Canada in the same situation. Leigh Vossen describes the online harassment she faced. The death threats and the break-in at her home. When the online class was canceled and returning students were required to disclose their vaccine status, she refused. She became more involved listening to people tell about vaccine injuries and job losses. Most of the stories came from students, but some came from teachers and professors. She is absolutely against group think and cancel culture. Leigh remains a strong voice for those affected by the covid mandates.

Kyra Pituley 8:30:58 - 8:51:44
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Lay Witness - Student
Kyra Pituley is a 15 year old student from Manitoba. She recalls the schools closing in mid-2020 and moving to online learning. She was restricted from attending many of her sports clubs because of her refusal to get the covid vaccine. When the Trucker Convoy was passing Manitoba on the way to Ottawa, Kyra and her step mom joined the lineup of trucks. Upon arrival, she says she felt hope for the first time since the lockdowns, and the atmosphere was positive until the police arrived. Kyra continues to stand firm in her convictions despite the interruptions in her education and the challenges she faced.

Jay McCurdy 1:35:48 - 2:40:43
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Expert Witness - Teacher
Exhibit: TO-9-McCurdy-E3.i
Exhibit: TO-9a-McCurdy-E3.ii
Exhibit: TO-9b-McCurdy-E4.i
Loss of business income, effects of lockdowns on children's education, mental health. The lockdowns put enormous pressure on kids and families, especially with online learning. He presents news articles of statistics in other countries who didn't lockdown schools. He has a deep concern for the well-being of Canadian children and wants to ensure this never happens again.

Elizabeth Galvin 5:38:24 - 6:03:08
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Lay Witness
Lockdowns/vaccine mandates by Province/University resulted in daughter committing suicide. Elizabeth Galvin's 20 year old daughter committed suicide during covid, and within weeks, two other young women took their own lives. She describes her family's ordeal during Premier Doug Fords second covid lockdown. Elizabeth knows first hand the effects on mental health of students and is working to change laws to protect them.

Pierre Attallah 8:40:10 - 8:57:15
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Lay Witness - IT (Information Technology) Specialist
Pierre Attallah describes the challenges his sons faced because of masking at school. When he voiced his concern with the school board, he was forbidden any association with teachers or students and barred from entering the school. Some of the teachers retaliated by singling out his children and embarrassing them in class. His son with a speech impediment may suffer long-term consequences, and Mr. Attallah has since taken the school board to court.

Bliss Behare 8:04:28 - 8:16:10
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Lay Witness - Kitchen worker and musician
Social and mental impacts due to mandates. Bliss Behare, an 18-year-old student and musician living in New Brunswick. Bliss was treated like an outcast and suffered online harassment from other students who had contempt for the unvaccinated. He lost friends and his ability to attend art and music groups, which he loved so much. He was losing hope until the Freedom Convoy and the National Citizens Inquiry came to exist.

Charlotte Garrett 8:53:05 - 9:17:40
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Lay Witness - Teacher
How mandates affected her, her ability to do her job and what was expected of her with her interactions with her students.

Aidan Coulter 5:36:23 - 5:44:10
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Lay Witness
Discusses the problems he encountered when he tried to enroll in university as an unvaccinated student. Due to the pressures, he suffered a mental breakdown and had to be treated.

Kassandra Murray 7:48:07 - 8:22:40
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Lay Witness - Teacher
Quit job due to discrimination on her mask exemption and effects on children.

Katrina Burns 7:28:33 - 7:54:14
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Lay Witness - Teacher
Effects of mandates on children, loss of job due to vaccine mandate, experiences at hospital. Katrina Burns is an early education school teacher from Nova Scotia. The school board denied the religious exemption and offered her no accommodations. The parents wrote letters to the board describing Ms. Burns' exemplary teaching skills and asked to reinstate her. But no one cared. She was eventually put on unpaid administrative leave.

Tom Marazzo 1:43:50 - 2:28:45
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Expert Witness - former teacher at Georgian College (Barrie)
Exhibit: TO-17-Marazzo-Email-2021-09-06
Exhibit: TO-17a-Marazzo-TerminationLtr-2021-09-13
Exhibit: TO-17b-Marazzo-Video.exe
Tom Marazzo was a Combat Engineer for the Canadian Military. While teaching at Georgian College, he was fired after he sent an email to the faculty members regarding the vaccine mandates. He also attended the Freedom Convoy and was asked on a few occasions to be a spokesperson. Attempts were made to speak to government officials, but no one responded. The government did, however, freeze his bank accounts and credit cards.

Chantel Barreda 10:08:30 - 10:22:17
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Lay Witness - Teacher
The mental and financial strain resulting from loss of job due to vaccine mandate.

Dianne Molstad 6:41:36 - 6:54:30
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Lay Witness - Retired councilor/teacher
Her long standing doctor 'fired' her because she would not take the covid vaccine and her struggles to find another doctor willing to accept her as a new patient.

Kim Hunter 4:01:40 - 4:21:20
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Lay Witness - Teacher
Exhibit: VA-14 -Hunter-#428 Possible Toxicity of Chronic Carbon Dioxide Exposure Assoc w_Face Mask Use
Discusses the implications and detrimental effects of masking on children.

Marc-Andre Paquette 8:53:00 - 9:32:00
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Lay Witness - Teacher
Exhibit: QU-6-Paquette-DocumentLibrary
Marc Andre Paquette challenged pediatricians and physicians during the crisis.

Luc Harvey 8:19:15 - 8:53:00
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Lay Witness
Exhibit: QU-07-Harvey-CorrespondenceDoyon
Exhibit: QU-08-Harvey-RapportAutopsie
Exhibit: QU-9-Harvey-ReneeMariaTremblay
Exhibit: QU-10-Harvey-CorrespondencePortelance
Luc Harvey discusses protecting the youth against the "Vaccine".

Jay Bhattacharya, MD 3:43:12 - 5:07:11
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Expert Witness - Professor at Stanford University
Exhibit: WI-8-Bhattacharya-Missouri v. Biden ECF 212-3 Proposed Finding of Fact
Exhibit: WI-8a-Bhattacharya-Great Barrington Declaration
Exhibit: WI-8b-Bhattacharya-CV-Apr2022
Exhibit: WI-8c-Bhattacharya-Expert Report_Dr Bhattacharya_Alberta Clean-jb
Exhibit: WI-8d-Bhattacharya-Reply Document-Alberta v2-1
Exhibit: WI-8e-Bhattacharya-QUESTIONS FOR A COVID-19 COMMISSION by the Norfolk Group v2
Dr. Jay Bhattacharya is one of the authors of the Great Barrington Declaration, and his primary research focuses on the economics of health care. He gave an excellent presentation, which included studies of lockdown effects on children and excess deaths in Canada. Jay Bhattacharya is a Professor of Medicine at Stanford University (California). He is a research associate at the National Bureau of Economics Research, a senior fellow at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, and at the Stanford Freeman Spogli Institute. He holds courtesy appointments as Professor in Economics and in Health Research and Policy. He directs the Stanford Center on the Demography of Health and Aging. Dr. Bhattacharya's research focuses on the economics of health care around the world with a particular emphasis on the health and well-being of vulnerable populations. Dr. Bhattacharya's peer-reviewed research has been published in economics, statistics, legal, medical, public health, and health policy journals. He holds an MD and PhD in economics from Stanford University.

Cassandra Schroeder 1:41:00 - 2:01:07
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Lay Witness - BSc. degree
Vaccine mandates preventing her from pursuing her university education. During her early studies, she learned about the mRNA technology and decided against getting the covid vaccine. Despite her immunity and a letter from her doctor, she was still denied entry. She couldn't partake in society and school, making her feel isolated. The university never offered her any kind of accommodation so she could continue her studies. Cassandra describes these challenges in her compelling testimony.

Garry Bredeson 10:24:40 - 10:38:20
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Lay Witness - small business owner in freight logistics
He has three sons who were all in university when covid mandates were enforced and discusses the effects of the mandates on education and how it affected his business.

Dr. Matthew Cockle 3:27:46 - 4:50:25
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Expert Witness - Former Professor and researcher
Discusses advances for the public good and conflicts of interest in universities and between government and global entities such as the WHO (World Health Organization).

Francois Amalega 10:05:59 - 11:40:00
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Lay Witness - Mathematics Professor
Francois Amalega became a strong activist against mandates after facing suspensions at his university due to his stance against mandates. He was part of a public protest because of his research into the covid pandemic narrative, which challenged the mainstream narrative. As a result of his public stance, he resigned from his university as a matter of conscience. His story illustrates the challenges that many individuals face when they stand up for their beliefs in the face of institutional pressure.

Todd McDougall 9:08:02 - 9:33:23
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Lay Witness - Childcare worker / Winnipeg Alternative Media
Todd McDougall describes trying to avoid the ludicrous mandates and especially how it affected the children. He enjoyed his job and was an integral part of the community. Todd says the children were suffering the most, and he couldn't, in good conscious, continue doing his job. He started attending rallies speaking out for children. He tells of his arrest and the career changes after leaving the daycare industry. He remains active and even ran for school board trustee in the latest election.

Mandy Geml 8:09:10 - 8:23:55
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Lay Witness
Extreme hardship for her daughter in school and psychological trauma to whole family due to bullying/discrimination from society.

Dan Hartman 6:37:38 - 6:46:20
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Lay Witness - Truck Driver
In order for his 17 year old son to continue to play hockey, he needed to be vaccinated. Sean Hartman died suddenly within a few days of his vaccination. Dan also tells about the tissue sample report being done by a world-renowned pathologist. He will never stop searching for answers to his son's sudden death.
UPDATE July 7, 2023 - American pathologist, Dr. Ryan Cole, confirmed that Sean Hartman died from the COVID shot after finding evidence of spike proteins present in his adrenal glands. To date, Canada's Vaccine Injury Support Program (VISP) has paid out $6,695,716 to 103 people (out of 1,859 claims), "where it has been determined by the Medical Review Board that there is a probable link between the injury and the vaccine, and that the injury is serious and permanent." Dan's video update is available to watch here, where he asks for help finding legal representation so that he can appeal the VISP decision to deny his claim. Read the complete article here.

Brandon Pringle 3:32:55 - 3:56:40
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Lay Witness
Mr. Pringle describes the division in his family created by the mandates. Both his children and spouses were vaccinated. His son was hesitant at first but got tired of being ostracized and wanted back into society. He tells of losing 2 grandchildren through miscarriages and how restrictions at the hospital made it difficult to comfort them. His wife Karrina was the only person allowed to visit. It has been difficult to discuss things openly with his children, but he and his wife pray that one day they will understand their parents' decision.

Cathy Careen 3:32:10 - 3:52:25
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Lay Witness - Educator
Job loss even with medical exemption.

Kathy Howland 2:10:59 - 2:29:26
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Lay Witness - Education Assistant
Vaccine Injury. Less than 24 hours after receiving her 2nd dose of the Pfizer covid vaccine, she experienced severe ringing in her ears. She was diagnosed with tinnitus and hearing loss. No vaccine adverse effects report was filed by any doctor.

Philip Davidson 3:00:05 - 3:27:30
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Lay Witness - BC (British Columbia) Public Service employee
He lost his employment as Director of Policy and Stakeholder Relations for Advanced Education due to vaccine mandate.

Dr. Keren Epstein-Gilboa 8:38:27 - 9:28:55
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Expert Witness - Developmental Psychology
This presentation focuses on the social and emotional stages, particularly in children, that are necessary for development and how the covid measures adversely affected them.




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