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Government Lies:
Covid Lab Leak
A Conversation With Jeffrey Sachs
Sep. 22, 2023
Professor Jeffrey Sachs is a world renowned economist who has guided nations on economic policy such as Bolivia, Poland, Slovenia and Estonia. He even helped transition the USSR Russian economy guiding both Gorbachev and Yeltsin. In 1993, the New York Times called Sachs "probably the most important economist in the world." In 2004 and 2005, Sachs was named one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World by Time. He was also named one of the "500 Most Influential People in the Field of Foreign Policy" by the World Affairs Councils of America.

Covid "Patients Zero" Were At Wuhan Lab
June 20, 2023

Lab Leak 100%?
Covid 'Patients Zero' Were WUHAN LAB Doctors
Doing GAIN-OF-FUNCTION research
June 14, 2023

First People Sickened By COVID-19
Were Chinese Scientists
At Wuhan Institute Of Virology,
Say US Government Sources
June 13, 2023

Pentagon Doctors
slam Dr. Fauci,
Confirm Covid Lab Leak
May 17, 2023

New Lab Leak Evidence OVERWHELMING
Apr. 25, 2023

The Lab Leak:
The Plots and Schemes
of Jeremy Farrar,
Anthony Fauci,
and Francis Collins
Jan. 13, 2022
"I am not interpreting things here. I'm only quoting what Farrar says in his own book. He reports that the experts he consulted were 80% sure it had come from a lab. They all scheduled an online meeting for February 1, 2020."
"The virus did what the virus does, and all we are left with are the breathtaking results of the pandemic response: economic carnage, cultural destruction, large amounts of unnecessary death, and an incredible paper trail of incompetence, fear, secrecy, plotting, and neglect of genuine health concerns."



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