FOI: Freedom of Information Act Requests

"Freedom is never easily won,
but once established,
freedom lasts,
spreads and chokes out tyranny."
~ Trent Lott

Shelly Hipson 4:42:47 - 5:37:30
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Lay Witness
Documents obtained through Freedom of Information Act. Shelly Hipson did freelance data research of Nova Scotia covid policies and statistics.

Randy Schiller 7:29:20 - 7:56:00
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Lay witness - Canada Post employee
Lost job due to vaccine mandate, experiences submitting FOI (Freedom of Information) requests. Regardless of his mask exemption, he was put on short-term leave, which eventually turned into long-term leave. Early on, he was suspicious of the news coming from China and did some research. He followed up with several FOI requests to the Saskatchewan Health Association and the Saskatchewan Board of Education. His testimony describes the alarming frequency of the reply "no records exist" to his requests from the government agencies. And when he did receive anything, a good portion was redacted (blacked out). He has won three decisions so far and is continuing his immense efforts with the FOI requests.

Lindsay Kenny 3:33:30 - 3:57:20
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Lay Witness - Elected Official
Discussed her difficulties in obtaining FOI (Freedom of Information) requests from the Provincial Health Department of British Columbia.

David Leis 7:13:00 - 8:12:45
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Expert Witness - Vice President for Frontier Centre for Public Policy
A passionate analysis of how covid policies have failed the people and our democracy. David Leis is the president of the Frontier Center for Public Policy which is a think tank that started in 1999. His extensive experience includes being the mayor of Woolwich, a Waterloo Region councilor, and council member of both federal and provincial governments. He describes the policy disasters and the failure of critical Canadian institutions. As this was the largest assault on Canadian citizens' rights and freedoms. He tells of the massive red flags he saw. First, he found it strange that all provinces were following the same plan and not the emergency standard plan already in place for pandemics. He also believes this has been years in the making with Canada funding over 2,000 news organizations. Mr. Leis is deeply concerned for the future of society. We have always been guided by a set of principles and values. It is always the assumption that we are born free, so what happened in Canada was a travesty, and one that should never happen again. He gave an excellent testimony that was personal, thought-provoking, and compelling.



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"The truth is like a lion;
you don't have to defend it.
Let it loose;
it will defend itself
~ Saint Augustine
(philosopher, theologian, and bishop)



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