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Melissa Ciummei
New Bill implemented
to meet Net Zero Targets
in the UK.
But will you get
to keep your home?
Oct. 1, 2023
This bill (in the UK) gives the government the power to fine you up to 15,000 pounds, or one year in prison, should you fail to meet energy performance targets. Authorities can enter your home without a warrant using reasonable force. Or force you to have energy assessments. How are you going to pay the 15,000 pounds? Well, quite possibly with a lien against your property. In the event that you should die or sell your property, the government can cash in. It won't work, but it will be highly lucrative in the process. It's really just about generating money from the people for the government. Only 1% of global CO2 emissions are from the UK. China increases by more than that in a year, so we are just exporting pollution and emissions. Does that make any sense? It also gives access to SMART appliances and control of how much energy we are allowed via load control system SMART meters. This is the path forward to our new digital prisons, called 15 Minute Cities, in order to combat Climate Change.
No one wants blackouts
Canadians want reliable
and affordable power
Sep. 29, 2023
Ottawa's proposed electricity regulations will make electricity unreliable & unaffordable. Affordable electricity matters. In addition to blackouts, current electricity rates will be double, triple or even quadruple depending on the province. And drastic changes could dismantle thriving industries that are vital parts of our provincial economies, resulting in a power grid that depends on unreliable energy.
Reliable electricity matters. The estimated $1.7 trillion cost of achieving a net zero grid by 2035 will leave our power grid dependent on intermittent and unreliable sources like solar and wind. Imagine no heat at -30°C, and no power for the internet or to charge your phone. The federal government wants electricity demand to at least double by 2050. Tell the Feds reliable and affordable electricity matters. And ask them why they are rushing to do something by 2035 when the experts agree that it can't feasibly be done.
Contact your MP now.

A toxic agent
in turbine blades is
Bisphenol A,
a compound banned in numerous countries
Sep. 29, 2023
Across the USA, wind power outfits are being repeatedly busted for dumping their blades and simply cutting and running. Then there are scammers like Global Fiberglass Solutions Inc which makes claims about recycling dumped blades, notwithstanding there is no market for ground up toxic waste, funnily enough. Principal among the toxic agents to be found in turbine blades is Bisphenol A - a compound banned in numerous countries. Back in August 2021, Global Fiberglass Solutions Inc was busted for piling up over 1,300 blades at three makeshift dumps in Iowa - despite claiming it would 'recycle' them.

Net Zero Experiment Built
on Intermittent Wind & Solar
Doomed to Failure
Aug. 24, 2023
As Mark Lawson puts it in his book, Dark Ages, "In order to avoid a climate crisis that never seems to arrive, activists and governments are about to plunge us all into a very real power crisis."

by Mark Lawson
Dark Ages: The looming destruction of the Australian power grid
Published Apr. 1, 2023
The whole emissions debate involves spending billions and imposing more billions in costs on the economy for no gain of any kind. Even if we assume that Australia's emissions reduction effort is matched by other countries, which plainly isn't happening, it is all but impossible to construct a cost-benefit analysis to justify the billions being spent. "Australian attempts to convert to renewables basically have no parallel. To make matters worse, not only do policy-makers want to shift to all renewables they want to throw away the fossil fuel back-up power sources. This has not happened anywhere and is madness."

Video - Scotland Power used Diesel Generators to keep Wind Turbines functional
May 22, 2023

Video - There's nothing green about the green agenda
just plain old greed!
May 20, 2023

Video - Robbie Williams gets it:
  • "We're in a post-truth world.
  • Where you can't believe the media.
  • You can't believe Big Pharma.
  • You can't believe politicians.
  • You can't believe what you're eating."
May 22, 2023

Video - Tracking your meat consumption as New York City goes Plant Based
Is it the right thing to do?
May 22, 2023




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